“What Men Want” is a gender-swapped remake of “What Women Want,” the 2000 Nancy Meyers film starring Mel Gibson. This version, starring Taraji P. Henson, who also executive-produced, reflects her previous “Think Like a Man” films as well. A couple of our readers won tickets to the advanced screening in Miami last week. Check out their review of the film below:

From Winner (Lorraine Y.):

” What Men Want was a funny and smart adaptation of the original movie What Women Want that doesn’t come across as a lazy remake.  The writers did a fair job of veering away from what many women believe is the “one-track mind” of men.  The movie also takes on the residual, negative impact assumptions have on those making them and on the people in their lives, without becoming too “preachy.”  Female viewers will walk away entertained, while wondering if the movie accurately depicted the range of men’s internal thoughts and feelings.  Overall, this movie was a fun chick flick to see in the movies and later, on movie night at home!  “

From Lucy B. (Our media affiliate):

” I truly enjoyed this movie for a several reasons.  First, I love Taraji. Her role in this movie made me think who we as females would act if we could really hear men thoughts.  It also made me think about growing up without a mother, how that really can affect us in our work and social lives.  Her father taught her how to fight and work hard for everything she wanted which was good but she needed more.  Another observation from the movie was how as women we pass up good guys because their package may not be what we think it should be.  Especially if we are in a better financial position than they’re in.  
There was a Q&A after the movie which many people did not stick around for.  The panel consisted of a life coach, therapist, counselor and teacher/professor. Each shared their thoughts on the movie then took questions.  

Overall the movie is must see! “

What Men Want is in theaters now!