Pre Super Bowl and halftime show buzz, 21 Savage was taking over news feeds because of an arrest! Now I know what all of you are thinking.. “Come on Savage, I thought you were turning over a new leaf”.  Well I am here to tell you to calm your imagination and erase those judgmental thoughts right now. 

21 Savage was arrested by ICE early Sunday for overstaying his visa with possible deportation as a consequence! If this were to happen, the Bank Account rapper would not be allowed back into the US for at least 5 years or possibly permanently.   Apparently, the Grammy award nominee is not from Atlanta where he is know as a local talent and actually is from the UK. 21 Savage whose real name is Abraham-Joseph was brought to the US legally in 2005 as a kid, but his visa expired in 2006 and no actions were made to renew the visa.  He is currently in removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts which was made known by a statement ICE made following the arrest. 21 had previously been convicted in 2014 on felony drug charges. 

Thoughts on this??

Well for one why was this information not discovered in 2014 when he was convicted on felony drug charges?  I’d assume that once an arrest occurs then the officers would be able to pull up all of your background.  This is a poor error on the government.  Also since then, 21 has been an asset to the community.  Not only does his stardom bring positive economic funds to the US and it’s businesses, but he has been hosting annual back to school drives in Atlanta.  He also announced on The Ellen Show his charity which teaches children how to save money, make money, and about opening bank accounts in lower-income neighborhoods where most families live paycheck to paycheck and can’t imagine saving or another life.   Although we now know 21 Savage is actually from the UK, he was raised in Atlanta and often raps about the harsh realities that come with growing up in a low-income neighborhood.  Some of you may be thinking about some of the other lyrics that are included in his lyrics, but what rapper does not touch on the same subjects.  Even female rappers have highly sexual content or mention violence in their lyrics.  Personally, I rather see ICE and our government targeting the people involved in human-trafficking, sexual misconduct, drug trafficking and other more serious crimes rather than a child that was brought here and overstayed his visa and is just trying to make a name for himself.. Isn’t this supposed to be the land of opportunities? Most likely when he became aware of the situation (because as a child your parents take care of this type of thing for you) was afraid of this possible consequence he is now facing and choose not to come forward because of it.

What is all my favorite tea lovers thought on this? Does 21 Savage deserve to be deported or should he be able to fix his paperwork?

Blog Written by Queen of the Tea