Remember Ariana Grande’s cringing facial expression during her performance at the2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show when an Angel’s wing wacked her in the face?  Remember all the memes that followed?  I have to admit I made have reposted one or two.  Well after Ariana’s latest stunt (with future memes coming for sure) it has all of us somewhere between that same facial expression she served us at the 2014 VS Fashion Show and the hand to face emoji. 

On January 18, 2019 Ariana released her newest smash hit 7 Rings. (which clearly she knew was bound to happen since her lyrics state “at least this song is a smash”) 7 rings debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 100 and is staying at the top helping Ariana break records and make history by becoming the first artist to have their first two back to back No. 1 debuts on the Hot 100.  As you can imagine Ariana must be particularly proud of this track (especially being that she wrote it after a rough day which resulted in some retail therapy with her girls) and what is the best was to commemorate this accomplishment…. GETTING A TATTOO OF COURSE!  Now, I personally am very found of tattoos having 4 of my own, but there are certain tats that I am less than found of.  One of them being a tattoo in another language you don’t speak, especially a language like Chinese or Arabic because one mistake changes the whole meaning.  Well if you haven’t heard yet, Ariana got the tattoo “7 Rings” on her palm in Japanese only it didn’t say 7 Rings… it said “small BBQ grill”.  Oh Ariana!!! This is exactly why I am extremely against tattoos in languages you don’t speak! After learning of her mistake due to a missed character, (clearly an important one) she fixed the issue and revealed her new and improved tattoo on her Instagram story stating “slightly better. Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix” and ” Rip tiny charcoal grill. Miss you man. I actually really liked you.”  Well unfortunately a fan had some news for her.  Her new and what we thought was an improved tattoo now translated to Japanese style BBQ grill.  Ariana let me give you some advice, fire your tutor because he is clearly using google translate to teach you.  Now, I can barely spell in English correctly half of the time and I am far from the next spelling bee champ so I can’t clown anyone for spelling something wrong.  However, if you have pockets like Ariana you should at least be able to hire a tutor that knows what they are talking about besides the fact you should have learned your lesson after the first mistake.

 I will say though at least Ariana can just go buy some more diamonds and laugh this all off at Tiffany’s.