A heartwarming movie, just in time for the holidays!

Grab a date whether a friend or bae, get your popcorn and snack necessities and get ready for Bumblebee a MUST SEE this holiday season. On Tuesday, I was able to check out the film during a pre-screening on behalf of all my followers.

Bumblebee, directed by Michael Bay and starring Hailee Steinfeld along with John Cena, takes place in the year 1987, the Autobot Bumblebee is sent to Earth in the mist of the Transformer Civil War to the Decepticons, in order to regroup. Upon lading in California, Bumblebee catches the attention of a secret government agency that oversees extraterrestrial activity; this group then attack assuming Bumblebee is dangerous forcing him into the Forest where he is again attacked, but this time by the Decepticon Blitzwing. When Bumblebee refuses to share the whereabouts of his leader, Optimus Prime, the Blitzwig rips out Bumblebee’s voice box and destroys his memory. (Luckily B is able to destroy him before collapsing and turning into a Volkswagon Beetle) All seems lost until Charlie, a emotionally scarred teenager finds the broken Bumblebee. Charlie is able to revives him, and very soon after discovers that there is much more to this “car” than meets the eye.

This story about the battle between good and evil is classic and always admirable, but what makes this movie truly spectacular and heartwarming is the underlying story. The one about a girl who is lost and feels alone and while trying to help Bumblebee and fix him, in the process Bumblebee actually fixes her. Through the battle of each other’s struggles (Charlie with losing her father, her mother dating someone new, and the mean high school world and Bumblebee with needing cover, to be fixed, and his fight with the evil Decepticons), they lean on each other, showing what true friendship is. This movie will make you laugh hard (so don’t drink too many fountain drinks.. you might end up missing parts of the movie) an will make you cry. (I know I shed a tear, especially when the duo must say goodbye to each other) Truly a film for the whole family, no matter what your age is and another great addition to the Transformers’ franchise.

After this movie we all might feel the need to start looking in junkyards for own personal Bumblebees, but until then make sure to go watch Bumblebee in theaters December 21st, 2018.