If you’ve been wondering who the next person on Ariana’s love list will be, there is no need to imagine any longer because Ari just gave us all the answers in her song Thank you, Next, which was released this past Saturday about ½ an hour before her most recent boo Pete Davidson took the stage on his show Saturday Night Live. Ariana has been known to have some pretty famous and public relationships as well as moving on in what seems to be the blink of an eye.

Ariana dated rapper Big Sean and the pair took it public in 2015 at the Grammy’s. Although not a couple anyone would have pictured in the beginning, we all do have to admit just how cute the pair were as their pictures on Instagram flooded our timelines. Unfortunately, the pair only lasted a mere 8 months before calling it quits due to conflicting schedules. No worries, they still remain close friends.

After Big Sean, Ariana dated backup dancer Ricky Alvarez for about a year before calling it quits. I mean the singer/dancer relationship is a tale as old as times (remember Brittney Spears and K Fed ?!?!!), so a relationship like this blossoming was no surprise. Like most clichés, this relationship came to end although there hasn’t been any explanation from either camps.

In 2016 Ariana moved onto what I truly believe was true love, the late Mac Miller. (May he rest in peace.) Where there was Ari, there was Mac. He supported her through all her music and tragedy including the Manchester attacks. The duo were together for almost 2 years, until Ari could not tolerate his destructive drug habits any longer. Just days after their breakup Mac totaled his car while drunk driving.

What seemed to be immediately following the breakup with Mac, Ariana seemed to have fallen rather fast for comedian Pete Davidson. Images of the 2 started to spread all over the internet and just a couple months after being together, the couple announced that they were engaged. They seemed inseparable, until the tragic overdose of Mac Miler. Though Pete did stay by her side through this troubling time, it seemed like Ariana could not pull herself together and continue the relationship. There has been no confirmation, but there is enough to speculate Arana needed her space after losing Mac.

So I am sure by now everyone is wondering who Ari “jumped” to now? Who is she going to have a whirlwind romance with next. Let’s go to Ariana’s newly released song for the answer… The singer says “ I met someone else. We havin’ better discussions. I know they say I move on too fast, but this one gon’ last. ‘Cause her name is Ari. And I’m so good with that (So good with that)” That’s right Ariana’s new love in her life is herself which I can’t be more happier to hear. In the song, she address the above mentioned exes and thanks them for teaching her and for the times they had, but now it is time for Ari. Besides the fact that she needs to grieve her loss and pull herself together before she can focus on anyone else, I think there is such a positive message to radiate behind this song, especially to young girls and women. All too often women let their past relationships define them and tear them down or they move on from relationship to relationship never taking the time for themselves. I know we can all think of a relationship or 2 that had us putting ourselves on the back burner. Not that all relationships are bad, they are beautiful in fact. But there is nothing more beautiful than realizing you always have to be your first love. In this society and culture, it seems as though the message is you have to have a significant other. Everyday new dating apps are being made, or advertisements promoting social gatherings where you could meet someone. When is the main concern going to be ourselves, our own happiness and our own dreams? Ari just gave us the answer. The time is now.

Blog post by Blogger: Queen Tea