Ever wished upon a star for a music festival dedicated strictly to R&B?¬† Well, I am here to tell you that your wish has come true.¬† I present to you the first ever musical festival dedicated to up and coming R&B artists, TheBest¬†Life¬†Music Festival and it’s all going down on Saturday, September 15th at the RC Cola Plant in the notorius 305.¬†

Headlining the festival will be¬†H.E.R, who has toured with Bryson Tiller, and is fresh off of Chris Brown’s¬†Heartbreak on a Full Moon¬†Tour.¬† She also just released¬†I Used To Know Her: The Prelude, just in time to provide us with more feel good music at the festival. ¬†Ella Mai, Tobi Lou, Xavier Omar, R.LUM.R¬†among others will also be taking the stage.

Finally, a music festival that showcases all the songs that we belt out in our car when we think no-one is watching (FYI people are always watching your concert). Now we have the chance to sing along to “Best¬†Part” or “Boo’d Up” with the very people who sing them.¬† I don’t know about you, but I’m here for all of the HYPE and FEELS that this festival is bringing.

Getty Images for BET/Bennett Raglin


Make sure to get your¬†Best¬†Life¬†Music Festival tickets before they are gone and you are forced to watch all of your friend’s on social media living their¬†best¬†life¬†at this first ever music festival!


website:  https://www.bestlifefest.com/


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