NBA Finals


Only four teams are left in the title race. Two hope to make fourth NBA finals appearance consecutively. One of the four is considered an underdog. What’s the NBA betting line of each team?

The Cleveland Cavaliers was built around LeBron James throughout the years. How far will this team reach while their superstar leads the way? Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has endured the game this year with the guys available to play. Will the absence of his superstar players finally affect the height the team will attain in the NBA finals?

Boston Celtics 

Don’t jump on the Celtics bandwagon now. Guard Terry Rozier wishes the underdog role as his team continues to shock doubters Rozier doesn’t have to be concerned about the Celtics coming into the conference finals as a home-court favorite over the Cavaliers.  However, it’s fair to say Boston will put up a good fight to the finish. This finishes in seven contests, with both teams coming out victorious in their home games until the final outing. Boston’s defense should elongate this series, but James would put up a good fight against TD Garden to give the Celtics their first home defeat of the postseason.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Raptors shouldn’t feel depressed about their shortcomings against James. For close to a decade,  he has been crushing the Celtics’ title runs as well. Rozier has been nicknamed, Scary Terry. Boston’s young wing players will fight for the a perennial contender in the near future, James still possesses the conference. He can still pull down the Celtics for the fifth time in the postseason. However, it ens at Eastern Conference champions for the Cavaliers. Cleveland took a game towards Warriors on an extraordinary shooting night in last year’s NBA Finals.  James is going to come face to face with the Golden State again in the absence of Kyrie Irving and a less cohesive unit, which met after the trade deadline in February. The Warriors can sweep the Cavaliers come June.

Houston Rockets 

If the Rockets pick maximum points at Toyota Center, it won’t be compulsory to win at Oracle Arena. But the Warriors haven’t lost any game consecutively since dropping three straight to the Cavaliers two years ago. Houston has to rewrite a two-year history in order to advance to the NBA Finals. The Rockets seems to be solid during the postseason but not solid enough to string together consecutive victories against the champs or defeat them at home.

Golden State Warriors 

The defending champions were defeated in two games during the playoffs—one in Stephen Curry. However, it’s a team that doesn’t seem to be unbeatable, as in the previous year. Houston’s offense will be. A force to reckon with. Houston will certainly fight till the end, but the Warriors should possess more during the NBA Finals, whether it’s a familiar rival in Cleveland or the underdog in Boston. Neither of the teams will score enough to keep pace with the Warriors. Once their defense problem gets sorted by the head coach, the Warriors are unstoppable.