One of the reasons why I personally love this talk show, because they keep it so REAL! On Monday, December 4, the hosts of The Real discuss the situation with migrant workers being sold into slavery in Libya, and what viewers can do to help. And co-host Adrienne Houghton shares a story about how she realized being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive.

Later, pop icon Gene Simmons visits to talk about his new book, “On Power,” his box set, “The Vault Experience,” and play a revealing game of “Nope, I Haven’t Done That!” with the hosts. And Loni’s nephew, Jesse, has a surprise question for his girlfriend, Latisha!

Adrienne On How Fashion Doesn’t Equal Expensive

Adrienne Houghton: I have this – get this – $17 dress from Forever 21 that I think is really cute, but like, I’m not gonna lie: I was embarrassed at the idea of rolling up with a $17 dress to a Vogue event.

Jeanne Mai: Why?

Adrienne: You know, cause that’s real, you can think in your mind, like, you gotta be expensive to look fly. Anyway, I put the dress on, and literally after trying on the other ones, we were like “Nah, yo, that’s the one!”

Loni Love: Right, right!

[The Real audience applauds]

Adrienne: Israel and Ray kept laughing at me the whole night. They’re like “If they ask you on the red carpet what you’re wearing, just be like, ‘It’s vintage,’” right? Like that’s like the joke.

[The Real audience laughs]

Adrienne: “It’s vintage.” Israel’s like, “It’s Halston vintage. Halston.” I’m like, what? All that to say, I posted the picture on my Instagram, and everyone was like, “Yo! Who’s your dress, who’s your dress, who’s your dress?” And at first, I was like, “Dang, should I not say anything? Like, it’s low-key. Like, you know, it’s a $17 dress. But then I was like, I’m proud of my $17 dress!

[The Real audience applauds]

Adrienne: Because it sends a message to young women that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fly. Fashion doesn’t equal expensive.

Loni: That’s right!

Adrienne: And I realized that when I was young, I used to spend all this money to go to these events because I felt like the worth of my outfit validated me being in that room.

Loni: Let ‘em know.

Adrienne: And at 34 years old, I will show up in a $10 dress!

Miss Xpose Readers – Does the price of your clothing define you? Speak on it !