As one of the biggest names on Charlotte’s fashion scene, Cam Newton has recently attained an even bigger challenge for unsuspecting museum officials. More often NFL betting odds are more interested in the activity of this player, but now, the world of fashion has taken a keen interest. As of recently, his sheer body size has provided the employees of the Mint Museum with a very daunting task – making or finding a mannequin that can be a good fit for his large clothes. Last month, the leaders of the Mint Museum were happy to learn that Newton was willing to loan out one of his looks for the Charlotte Collects fashion exhibit. It is going to feature the prized fashion pieces from ten (now eleven with Newton) local fashionistas.

Hillary Cooper, who acts as the advancement and communication director the Mint Museum, has stated that her organization did not think about this problem before they received his measurements. Once these numbers were given to them, the museum figured out that there is no existing doll that can be used to showcase his clothes. While normal mannequins could wear this outfit, none of them would be able to present the same garment in the proper fashion.

Because of this, the museum officials decided to task a special team to create a mannequin that will mirror the measurements of Newton in an exact manner. The same doll will then be used to showcase his very stylish designer threads. The same contribution of this NFL player includes a Versace suit that is tailor-made and which features a two-button design, but also a dress shirt in all-white and a bow tie made from peacock-feather which was made by Brackish. For footwear, Newton decided to send his loafers made by Giuseppe Zanotti.

All of this will grace the exhibition’s entrance from October 14th to February 4th at the Randolph Road museum location. According to Cooper, the mannequin will be there to greet visitors, while other 10 collections, all belong to women, will also be available. Here, Laura Vinroot Poole, a style maker and boutique owner from Charlotte will be there, along with Chandra Johnson, a gallery owner, and Deidre Grubb, a patron of the arts and a civic leader. Cooper also said that all of the women were happy to have Newton in their midst, recognizing him as a big and passionate fashion collector, just like they are. She also said that the museum contacted the player thanks to his boldness and fearlessness that shines in all of his fashion choices. He does not fear to be noticed and is willing to take risks to show push the limits of his style. At the same time, as Cooper pointed out, he does this in a comfortable and gracious way.

Now, the museum has two hopes that come from Newton’s inclusion in the exhibition. First one is related to forging a partnership with the same player and the charity organization he runs, while the second is to get more male visitors to the same collection. Now, it is easy to say that many dudes and dads will be more included to check out how one of their sporting icons looks like when he is wearing his finest, Copper concluded.