We all know that there are some of us out there who still bought copies of Kelly’s music after finding out that he married Aaliyah at the age of 15 or even after tapes of what appeared to be R. Kelly urinating on an under-aged girl. Many of us were still “Stepping in the name of Love” and even singing the Remix to “Ignition.” For a while, we even thought Kelly may have tried to live his life the right way. After being acquitted of 14 charges of child pornography, one would think that he would just stick to just making the music right?!
R. Kelly and Aaliyah
Well reports are running rapid with allegations that Kelly is running a cult in his Atlanta and Chicago homes. Jim DeRogatis, journalist who initially shocked the world when he wrote an article in 2000 which ultimately lead to Kelly’s charges, published an article on Buzzfeed alleging the R&B Star is holding ladies hostage in his homes. Now there is a a stark difference between this and Kelly’s previous alleged transgressions; all the girls in this alleged cult are of the legal age. However, this is not stopping the parents of one of the alleged hostages, Jocelyn Savage, from coming forward and stating that she has been brainwashed and is being controlled by Kelly.

In a press conference, (click HERE for video) Timothy Savage (father of Jocelyn Savage–an alleged hostage of the cult) stated his daughter was manipulated by Kelly and has since been in a controlled by him. He and his wife have not been able to maintain contact with their daughter save for two occasions when they received a text from her on Christmas Day and for Mother’s Day. Although her parents claim that she is being held hostage by R.Kelly, Jocelyn recently provided a statement saying she is not a hostage and that she is well and happy.

Jocelyn Savage

Unfortunately, under the eyes of the law, Joceylyn Savage is not considered a missing person as two consenting adults may take part in any relationship they want no matter how un-traditional. However, the key words we must take into account are “consenting adults.” We do know that Jocelyn is in fact an adult as she has stated that she is 21 years of age and Kelly who turned 50 years old in January is also an adult. However, I continue to ask myself whether she is truly able to consent to this relationship and the actions that occur as a result of this relationship with Kelly. If she has been manipulated and brainwashed, does she have the mental capacity to provide her consent.

Jurisprudence has stated that consent cannot be given when it is the result of any coercion, intimidation, force or threat of harm.

According to statements provided by other women who lived in Kelly’s homes under similar circumstances, Kelly controls what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep and how they engage in sexual encounters. One of the individuals also stated that Kelly alleged beat her as a result of the way she interacted with a male cashier at SUBWAY. Could Jocelyn be suffering from Stockholm’s Syndrome? Unfortunately we are not yet clear on exactly what is happening in the Kelly homes and although through his spokeswoman, Kelly has vehemently denied the most recent allegations, one can’t help but recall the fact that there was evidence that he previously had sex with under-aged girls (which he denied), paid settlements to those girls upon filing suit and the fact that he married Aaliyah when she was 15 years old.

Check out the video from Jocelyn Savage’s interview with TMZ below and let us know what you think.