I am not sure why this happened, but this is evidence of the toll prison plays on those who are incarcerated. One has to consider the fact that during the 6-8 weeks of this trial, jury deliberations, motions and hearings, this was an escape from the daily reminder of serving a life sentence for Aaron. Since being found dead at 3:05 this morning, there has been speculation as to why Aaron Hernandez would have committed suicide. Perhaps guilt, but it may possibly be the mental affect prison has.
Prison is by no means easy. Having to deal with watching your every move, calculating who you can trust (if you can trust anyone) and just the thought of not being free, going for a walk when you want, watching the sun rise or just holding your loved ones.
A good friend reminded me that Kalief Browder suffered the same fate after being released from Rikers and spending a considerable amount of time in solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit. Another example is the show “The Night of” which demonstrates how prison can change a person. You hear it all the time, individuals become incarcerated and end up leaving prison worse off than when they entered. Prison is supposed to be a place of rehabilitation. But we know that is far from what occurs behind the locked cells. Inmates are raped, become addicted to drugs, and do what they need to do to survive. There have been many instances of similar situations (suicide) in prison but not many care because they are inmates and are “bad people.” Maybe Aaron’s suicide will return the narrative to what can be done to change this.