After 18 Years, Xscape Officially Announces Reunion!

What happened today on The Big Tigger Show was at least 18 years in the making, but it seemed to only take seconds before it was 1993 all over again.

You know, the year Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri introduced four local Atlanta high school classmates as “the ghetto version of En Vogue”; and Scott sisters Tamika and LaTocha, Kandi Burruss and then-Tameka “Tiny” Cottle set about selling millions of records with a gospel-hewn soul as appropriate on street corners (“Just Kickin’ It”) as it was in the slick pop world Diane Warren ballads (“The Arms Of The One Who Loves You”) reside in.

Acting as if nearly a quarter million weren’t watching on Kandi’s Facebook Live alone (after all, the GRAMMY-winning songwriter IS a co-star on VH1’s hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“), she, Tiny and Tamika were in the V-103 studios Tuesday reminiscing about how they used to try to outdance each other on stage, and singing along to No. 1 hit “Understanding” with new meaning – and the same power.


“So to what do I owe the great honor of having all four members of Xscape in the same proximity?” Big Tigger asked. (LaTocha had to call in.)

Well curiously enough – as Kandi explained – she was watching fellow legendary R&B group New Edition‘s biopic on BET recently when she finally decided it might be time to “Cool It Now.” (HAD TO do it.)

“We have too much history for us to hold on to [what kept them apart],” LaTocha said.

And what exactly was that? How did it finally, emotionally, get resolved just last night? And now that they are officially back together, what’s next – new music, a tour and/or a movie of their own?

Kandi, Tiny, Tamika and LaTocha answer of all that, above. (Too bad you don’t get to hear them discussing things off-air like a breakfast they had with Big Tigger back in his BET days, breast sizes and who the Bobby Brown of the group was; but still, as a “very happy and proud” Tigger put it: “some more black history” was made on this last day of February.) Source