I’ve been covering the War Machine Trial. If you are not familiar, War Machine (yes that’s his legal name) is facing 34 counts, which includes attempted murder and sexual assault, of ex-girlfriend Christine Mackinday and her friend Corey Thomas.
To put somethings into perspective, War Machine was an MMA fighter who met Christine, who is also known as “Christy Mack,” on the set of a photo shoot for Hustler Magazine. At the time, Christine was a porn star and War Machine, requested her for the shoot. Long story short, after initially meeting each other they maintained contact and eventually fell in love. Your typical love story right?! Well not really…
During their 15-month relationship, Christine was subjected to physical and emotional abuse by War Machine. She was continuously assaulted emotionally, physically and sexually (allegedly).
On August 8, 2014, during a period when the couple had broken up, Christine sent War Machine a “hey Big Head” nude and a short conversation via text ensued. Later that day, Christine invited a friend, Corey Thomas, over. They watched some tv and eventually went to bed (fully clothed.) War Machine, who lived in San Diego at the time, used his keys to enter Mackinday’s home in Las Vegas. Upon finding Corey and Christine together in bed, he became enraged (allegedly) and began using skills as an MMA fighter to inflict serious injuries on Corey (allegedly.) He stopped, told Corey to leave and turned his rage towards Christine who was 5”1 and 115 pounds at the time. He allegedly beat her continuously for approximately two hours, lacerating her liver, breaking her teeth, sawing off her hair with a dull knife and causing both of her eyes to be swollen shut.
Christine was only able to escape after War Machine, who was unable “get it up” after beating her and making her take a shower in front of him, went to the kitchen to obtain another knife. She ran out the backdoor of her home, naked, and knocked on her neighbors’ doors until someone finally opened the door to let her in.
A man hunt began to search for War Machine who was in hiding. During that time, Christine posted on twitter, describing the injuries she had sustained and stating she would provide a reward if someone found War Machine.
War Machine’s trial began last week in Clark County, Nevada a jurisdiction which allows media coverage via video recording/live streaming. Being that the facts are what they are, I knew this case would be considered “high profile.” While reading the media coverage of the trial, I noticed a consistent theme. Most of the coverage, continued to refer to War Machine as Jon Kappenhaver (his name prior to his legal name change) but they continuously referred to Christine Mackinday as “Christy Mack” her name as an adult film star.
I understand that “Christy Mack” flows off the tongue or better yet I’ll give you that she is better known by that name. However, Jon Kappenahver legally changed his name to War Machine, which he is best known by. So why is he being referred to as John and she as Christy Mack? Why is he not being referred to as War Machine, the man who used his name to gain notoriety beating up his opponents to a pulp in the cage. Why should Christine, the victim of an alleged sexual assault, be referred to by her name as an adult film star?
One may believe that this is not a huge factor, it’s just a name. John was his name after all right? NO! It is a big deal. We are supposed to be a forward moving county. Women all over the country and internationally are fighting for equal rights, equal pay. The fact that we live in a world where a women who was beaten within an inch of her life is referred to as her adult film name when she is the VICTIM is simply ludicrous. This is despicable and disgusting. When and where will women be able to freely make choice in their lives and not be labeled.
We currently live in an age where 1 in 3 women are subjected to abuse every day. When will women be taken seriously? When will women be able to exhale and not have to worry about the discrimination that we face on a daily basis. We’ve seen the power we have as women. The Women’s March on Washington and the recent “A Day without Women” helped to bring awareness to what most women experience on day to day basis. This is exactly the reason why Amber Rose started the slut walk! To empower women of all classes, creeds and occupations!
Women are the heartbeat and cradle of our society. The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the body. Remember if you don’t treat it right…you’ll have an attack!