Womens March Logo 2

Yesterday, Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States. He is now “our” President. No matter your political affiliation, one cannot deny the fact that even prior to his run for office, his comments towards President Obama, Women, Muslims, Immigrants and people of color have not brought our country together. We know it the affects his words and actions have made.

While he claims to want to “Make America to great again,” America with its flaws has always been great! What makes it great is the melting pot of people, the diverse views and the belief that in America your dreams can come true!

Today, we all come together to stand for something! To stand for what we believe is right for our country, for our society and for our future. MissXpose will be in attendance at the Women’s March on Washington, but you can march locally in your own cities! It will truly be a day to remember and to be proud of!

If you can’t make it out of the house today, you can catch the live feed on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Remember, “To Stand for nothing is to Fall for Anything.” Rise!