While sportsmen are not exactly expected to have a stellar fashion sense, style and fashion do mean a lot to many quarterbacks. Take Cam Newton, for instance, who always has a new outfit every week.

Or Tom Brady, who, thanks to his supermodel wife, is always dressed to the nines, even when he is not trying to. As of recent, however, it is newbie Dak Prescott who has set the fashion scene on fire with his unique style sense – something that has sent NFL odds in a totally new direction.


All of 7 games into the NFL career, and the Dallas Cowboys newbie has earned himself a rather unique signature style in the shape of the bow tie.


About his style, George Sherman says that while Prescott is no Cam Newton, he certainly has a stellar fashion sense, which stems from the fact that he wants to look both good and appropriate at the same time. Having become Prescott’s “unofficial stylist” of sorts, he calls the latter “his guy.”


Owner of George Sherman Clothiers, the shop opened in Starkville, Mississippi, in 1973, about a half-mile away from the campus of Mississippi State University. Though it started out as a college store, the customer age group they catered to went up, even though the college-goers still remain. Now 66, Mr. Sherman is eager to see 2nd Generation-ers as the once-college-students are now bringing in their kids in to buy clothes.


Prescott and Sherman also have a method of their own when it comes to choosing a bow tie. As the former informs the latter of the suit he will be wearing for the next game, the latter takes pictures of bow ties that are possible matches and send him a photo. The product is then shipped to Prescott, provided he likes it.


Prescott himself believes that he must have around fifty of Sherman’s bow ties. Prescott, however, maintains that the bow ties were just part of his look and not a result of any superstition. Another reason was that he had actually forgotten how he should tie the normal tie – a contributing factor to him finally choosing the bow tie.


Prescott and Sherman met during Prescott’s junior year, in the time before the Bulldogs would rise to the No. 1 spot in the country. And Prescott, wanted to look dapper as he would make his Dawg Walk from the bus to the stadium on game days. Having spotted the bow tie rack, he simply decided to forget the normal ties and go with the bow ones. Of course Prescott had to pay for the bow ties, as was the rule of the NCAA.


When Prescott recently mentioned this on television, according to Sherman, he was ribbed a lot by his friends for making Prescott pay for everything at the time. However, things changed once Prescott became famous the very next year. Prescott now has all sorts of bow ties, from regimental plaids to crests to stripes. Only last week, Sherman had sent him a pink-and-brown paisley.

Ezekiel Elliott, is Prescott’s road-trip roommate, loves Prescott’s bow ties, appreciating the fact that the latter isn’t afraid to look different. Veteran cornerback Brandon Carr couldn’t stay too far away either, as he gifted Prescott peacock feather bow tie – one that Prescott is yet to wear to a game.


Prescott’s ability to be determined and learn quickly is one thing that has really impressed the Cowboys. Back in training camp he had already shown how he wasn’t one of those who would make the same mistake twice. And with the regular season, it seems that the Cowboys have expanded their plans as Prescott has become far more comfortable in the offense.


Now that’s one thing Sherman can definitely relate to, having shown Prescott the right way to tie the bow tie back when he had bought his first one. He was, however, shocked to see how perfectly Prescott wore his bow tie for the very first time – something that he had never seen in his forty three year business.


From the looks of it, it seems that Prescott was born to wear the bow tie.