When Calvin Johnson joined ‘Dancing with the Stars’ just as the new football season approached, everyone dismissed him, and rightly so. Even his sister said he had no rhythm. So, naturally, they presumed that he would soon wash out, his stint on the ABC show forgotten. This, of course, is one of those rare football stories that have nothing to do with NFL sportsbook betting and analysis.


Sometimes things happen away from the field that are as intriguing as the games themselves. And if you haven’t heard, Calvin Johnson is not only still in‘Dancing with the stars’, but his future on the show looks very bright.


He has actually made it all the way to the semifinals, which says a lot about a man whose teammates said couldn’t dance. The Detroit Lions’ standout receiver has delivered one stunning performance after another.


Somehow, he keeps getting better with each new episode. Clearly, the hard work he is putting in behind the scenes is paying off. Fans can look forward to Calvin’s next performance next Monday Night.


The Showstoppers Night (Monday) saw Calvin and his partner Lindsay Arnold Waltz to ‘Cats’, a Broadway Show, while Leona Lewis performed. It was a memorable performance and Calvin was only able to deliver because of all the effort he injected into practicing with the ‘Cats’ choreographer.


Calvin actually had to wear a cat outfit during the practice sessions, and the hard lessons paid off. Of course, when it came to the real performance, Calvin dropped the Cat get up in favor of an all-white outfit.


Lindsay Arnold was amazing on the night, seemingly floating on the ground as she spun. The performance attracted the admiration of Julianne Hough, one of the judges who thought it was one of the best dances the competition had seen.


Calvin isn’t the only sports personality in the competition. IndyCar Driver James Hinchcliffe had an opportunity to team up with Calvin on a dance, with James playing the Bandit while Calvin played the Sheriff.


Their Paso Doble earned them a score of 37 out of 40. The two are the only male dancers in the competition at the moment. The two had a lot of chemistry on the dance floor and grew to know one another during practice.


With regards to the dance with Arnold, Julianne Hough commended them on the level of commitment they injected into their craft. She thought they were explosive, manifesting youth, beauty, and grace as they danced.


Bruno Tonioli, another judge, though they were majestic. He compared them to a Siberian Tiger and a pussycat playing a game. Despite the difference in size, he thought both Arnold and Calvin manifested the message and true essence of the song they were dancing to.


Carrie Ann Inaba, also a judge, liked the fact that the two were dancing as one, erasing their height difference and moving as though they were a single individual. While she didn’t think they were completely perfect, she commended their effort.


Calvin has clearly found his new passion after retirement. No one expected him to exceed expectations on a Dancing show.