After his huge blow up on ‘Marriage Bootcamp,’ Memphitz took to social media to apologize to his wife Toya Wright. Memphitz blew up so bad he ended up tossing a plate of food at his wife.

He took to Instagram to let the world know he is sincerely sorry. Memphitz posted the public apology with the caption reading,

Hard to even try with all these Marriage perfectionist’s on our D. I’m sorry baby. I hope all that you touch continues to turn into Gold. 💜 @ToyaWright

Did you see the episode:

Memphitz argued that he was “learning” more about Toya every day, and she wasn’t making a reciprocal effort. When he didn’t like her response, he got right up in her face. “When we got married …” he began before trailing off and opting for a different line of arguing. “You shut the f–k up! Don’t tell me what to do, little girl!” He then ordered Toya to “clean that s–t up” as he pointed to a spilled beer bottle on the counter before storming out.