If you did not know, I am obsessed with pop culture. Everything about it… I constantly have to be on the up and up on what is going on in our world today. The reoccurring topic of course has been this year’s upcoming presidential election or The Circus as I like to refer to it. Never have I seen such a blatant attempt to steer the populous from making sound decisions as I’ve seen in this election cycle. One minute someone’s calling another “lying Ted” another candidate is being judged by the size of his hands (well we all know what small hands mean..but I digress) there’s an email scandal and maybe an indictment. Oh and how can we forget, a possible coup at the upcoming convention. I mean I love Shonda Rhymes and the writers of “Scandal” but I don’t even think they could have made some of this stuff up…this could only happen in a Circus right?!

These candidates are like clowns in a circus… And I’m not saying this because of the current antics. You know, there is just something quite erie about clowns. They are supposed to make you feel good but you just can’t shake that feeling that something’s off. It could be the crazy hair, red nose, big feet; who knows but something just ain’t right. That is exactly how I feel about all of our candidates running; some more than others.

As this election cycle drags on (and I say so because I feel “they” have been trying to get our president [he’s still in the oval guys] out of office since he took his oath) and the New York Primary comes close…I find myself in a dilemma. I actually have to vote for one of the candidates soon. Yes, this election cycle has been more entertaining than Love & Hip Hop (don’t judge me) but all that aside, a decision has to be made. How can I make a decision when I am not inspired nor do I remotely feel as if a change for our country will be made with any of the current candidates. Don’t get me wrong…I feel the Bern and I would love to to see a woman elected to the highest office in the land, however it just seems at this point, the people of this country are required to choose the lesser of two evils. I find myself constantly reading articles, blogs social media posts (and of course watching the hit Showtime series “The Circus”) hoping that something will light a fire and I’ll say “He/She is it,” happily walk to my designated polling site and cast my vote. Unfortunately, I feel that day will never come.

Nevertheless, I realized how truly important my vote was in this election cycle due to the incessant political games that are being played both in Washington and locally.

For example, I recently read an article in the NY Post entitled “The Joy of Voting Democrat as a conservative republican.” A title like that surely caught my attention; what blew my mind was the fact that this writer had the cojones to actually admit he was a registered democrat, but used his party affiliation to vote for a candidate he knew would not stand a chance against the individual whom he wanted to prevail. WHHHAAATTTT?!!!

Please understand and believe that I know this happens all the time…it’s a smart risk  and kind of political gambling you can say. However, if this does not teach you anything, it does show how important your vote truly is. Do not buy into the stories that your vote does not count. The Presidential Primaries are just as important as the actual Presidential Election. You see the state our country is in…if the wrong person is elected into office, you can only blame yourself if you  do not vote.

Are you going to join the circus or will you just be a spectator? What will you decide?

Stay Educated and Stay Blessed