Remember last summer we found out that hit maker The-Dream got hitched to his girlfriend LaLaonne Martinez. This would be his third marriage, but he says this one he hear to stay. The Dream recently shared never-before-seen photos from his wedding day.

“The End. The Beginning,” he captioned one photo. “The fight for true is hard , in order to even fight for what’s right for you,you must fight yourself and your own short comings and know exactly who you are and Love yourself fully and wholly.

You must tear down your own fears and address your own weaknesses before you can provide strength and love for you and another! You must find freedom and believe what’s great about you is a blessing and what’s not so great is needed to have an idea of humble.

Find passion for another as you seek what you don’t have, only to notice that what you don’t have in you can be found in another and Then you can be perfect, perfect for another and allow someone to be perfect for you. If I Practice loving I will eventually become Love itself.

It’s hard and it’s elusive but so is life, and when you stop loving you literally have stopped living! 4L #findyourlove This world is to crazy to live and Dir without giving life a chance to be good to you!”

Hopefully this marriage will last forever. As you may know, in 2004 he married singer Nivea and tied the knot with Christina Milian in 2008.



Congrats ! He looks happy!