Nivea Takes Shots At Lil Wayne And Christina Milian Again! “This Is Not Cute To Me. I Don’t Condone It”!


Coincidence or just plain weird? Nivea is fed up with Christina Milian dating her exes.

Milian, who is currently seeing Lil Wayne, follows behind Nivea who was previously engaged to the YMCMB rapper and had one child with him. At a point, Milian was also married to and had a daughter with singer/songwriter The-Dream, Nivea’s ex-husband and the father of their three children.

The “Laundromat” singer is fully aware of Milian’s dating habits and is letting the world know they’re “not cute.” In a recent interview with Malcolm Music, Nivea explained her feelings on the star getting close with two of her exes.

“I really didn’t have any feelings outside of just being a parent. We share an ex-husband together,” Nivea said. “[Christina] has a daughter, I have three by Dream as well. So we make sure they see each other and they’re in their sister’s lives and vice versa, and that’s where it stood.”

She continued, “Her other decisions led to my involvement because she’s dealing with or appears to be doing the other father of my young child. I was like, ‘What the hell?’ It felt crazy as hell. I’m like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ But I haven’t addressed her about it. I don’t really care to. I just thought it was very, very crazy.”

Nivea’s “involvement” refers to her subliminal shots toward Milian on Instagram. Nivea insinuated that Milian’s decision to date another one of her exes was confusing their children.

Milian began dating Lil Wayne shortly after breaking off her engagement to fiancé Jas Prince earlier this year.