If you’re trying to shed that extra weight then you should know that yes going to the gym and working out is important but what is as equally important is what you put in your body to fuel your workouts.

Today’s Xpose Your Health is bought to you by Tenisha Douglas. Tenisha is a weight loss and fitness nutrition specialist with Hunger4fitness located in Coral Springs, Florida. She is a mother of two and her passion for nutrition and fitness come from her own struggles with weight as a child and her desire to instill healthy habits in her children.

Tenisha was gracious enough to spill one of her many secrets to weight loss and health living. If you notice, a lot of celebrities and fitness trainers swear by meal prepping; whether you pay for a service to prep your meals or you do it the old fashion way. In this article, Tenisha Xposes how you can make your transition to living a healthier lifestyle easier through Meal Prepping. Check out her article here:

The Benefits of Meal Prepping

As a busy mom of two one of the sure-fire ways I stay on track with my diet & keeping up with my goals is by preparing my meals in advance a/k/a “meal prepping”. By planning what I am going eat for the week & actually preparing it, I leave little room for the temptation to waiver or cheat on my diet. We all know how it is to come into the house after a long day & you just want to grab the quickest thing available, well when your meals are prepped in advance & sitting in the fridge waiting for you, you are much less likely to grab an unhealthy option.

I typically prepare my meals on Sunday evenings for the first half of the week & then Wednesdays I will do another small prep of anything I’m low on & just to keep things fresh. Two keep things simple I usually eat a variation of the same thing each day for the week & switch it up weekly; so one week might be chicken breast and I’ll make a big pan of chicken breast (protein) sweet potatoes (carbs) & a pot of green vegetables & divvy it up for my lunches & dinners over the week. If you just can’t imagine eating the same thing for say 5 days in a row you can always make a couple of different proteins (ie: chicken breast & lean ground turkey or fish ) & alternate between the two each day. I also will switch it up sometimes with how I season whatever it is I’m eating so that although I may be eating the same thing it’s seasoned differently so it tastes like a different meal.

Yes, prepping your meals in advance definitely takes some getting used to & some effort but it’s absolutely beneficial in helping you to reach your fitness goals. As the stresses of the week start to take their toll & motivation starts to wane you will be more & more thankful for the couple of hours you spent planning & preparing your meals for the week. As the saying goes… “If we fail to plan we plan to fail”… with that said happy meal prepping; Give it a try

Tenisha strives to help others to find the balance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while leading a fulfilling life by working with her clients to develop healthy meal plans tailored to their preferences and lifestyles while maximizing their nutrient intake for optimal health and fat loss; because she believes that “in order to truly make a lifestyle change your plan must be liveable.” You can contact her for a free consultation HERE and on Instagram @Journeyofafitmom

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