So what did Torrei have to say about Kevin Hart’s engagement, which happened to go down the same day her reality show “Atlanta Exes” debuted….Check out the scoop below.

“I think it’s beautiful. Love is beautiful,” she told “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show” about Kevin’s proposal to Eniko Parrish during the “Atlanta Exes” airing Monday night.

“I’m actually in love, too. My man was there last night as my show was trending No. 1. Ratings were through the roof, and he was right by my side supporting me 100 percent,” Torrei said Tuesday.

While Torrei has expressed some bitterness toward Kevin in the past for his alleged infidelity, Torrei clarified that she’s not still in pain over her ex’s betrayal.

“It’s not hurting anymore,” said Torrei, who spoke about the tears she shed in the series premiere when talking about her broken relationship. “In that moment, I had to relive something again. We’re now in August and that was lived in January for the sake of the show. When you’re reliving a moment, emotions do come up. When I tell you I am in such a happy place. I have a real man in my corner who supports me…and I’ve never had that in my ex-husband.”

Though Torrei said she loves love, that’s not to suggest that she’s hoping for a happily ever after for Kevin and Eniko. When asked if her ex would cheat on his bride to be, Torrei didn’t doubt it.

“He cheated on me. What makes her any different?” she asked. Via: S2S Magazine