Although the Emmys are not for another week, the actors from Orange is the New Black and Scandal, were honored with Emmy Awards at the Creative Arts Emmys on Sunday in Los Angeles.


Via Vibe Vixen:

Joe Morton snagged the award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama for his role as Rowan Pope, father of Olivia Pope in the hit series. Morton’s win counts as the second Emmy win for the suspenseful drama.

Papa Pope was extremely gracious as he accepted his award saying, “It’s an incredible feeling to have been in the business this long — this is the first time I’ve been up for one of these things – and given who I was quote unquote up against, it’s terrific. My head is in the clouds somewhere, and my feet are trying to touch the ground.”

Orange is the New Black actress Uzo Aduba also went home with the gold as she beat out co-stars Laverne Cox and Natasha Lyonne for the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series award. Uzo’s Emmy is not only a first for the amazing actress, it’s also a first for the series.

Crazy Eyes got a bit teary eyed as she gave her acceptance speech, “I don’t know how to say how incredibly impressed I am to be a part of this show day in, day out,” she said. Source

Watch Uzo Aduba emotional acceptance speech:

I love her!