Leaked footage from Danity Kane’s scrapped reality series reveals that there was tension in the group months before their the violent fight that lead to their breakup.

Some rough clips from the show, which surfaced on an Aubrey O’Day fan account and was filmed before Aundrea Fimbres left the group in May, shows Dawn Richard skipping a scheduled rehearsal to attend a business meeting for her solo career. Via Pop Dust

To top things off, over the weekend, some shady unreleased footage from a reality show the girls were filming leaked online, and it showed Dawn arriving to a rehearsal late. As the footage made it’s rounds, people started assuming that it may have been the pre-fight video, but Dawn hopped on Instagram real quick to shut those rumors down. She wrote:

Actually, this was staged and sent as a pilot and we never got a show because tv shows could read through the [fake fight] me and Aubrey had to have to do it. The bigger question is how for all of a sudden everyone have this footage. This is so sad.

On Instagram, she also began addressing her fans directly, especially those that wanted to know what the deal was with the album. The big thing for her was that she believed Aubrey leaked the news about the fight on her birthday to make things even worse.

@nicoluv_ you can’t leak an album that doesn’t belong to you. People have no clue how business works. We don’t own the songs. You’re looking at me like I stopped the music. Actually we had a deal and because WE and I mean all of us took this publicly we have stopped music and money. Producers nor label will release now because they lose money. Had this been handled privately, you would have gotten an album. And apologies and all would have been made and we would have moved on. But that isn’t the way it was handled so let’s move on as that is now MY only option. Those who rock with me will…And those who don’t I will respectfully block. I never want dk fans to have to fight each other and choose sides. But we left you no choice. So do what your heart tells you and let’s move on. XO

@_mledeza So am I love. But you learn and forgive or not and you move on. You guys should be hurt. We hurt you. And I am sory fo that. And my actions. But I tried fixing it. You only see what’s given to you to see. My apology seems half ass but really I honestly don’t want to fight back and forth in front of you Guys. You’ve been through enough. But I can’t give you what I don’t have. If I did the music you’d have it. But we really messed a lot of money. You’re asking me to fix it but I don’t have the control to as I didn’t leak this publicly. Shady things were done. I handled finding out wrongly. But I won’t be secretly moved from songs because people want to validate their voices. I’ve always seen my group members as great singers. They just did what they thought would make them shine by secretly trying to take my vocals in a secret session so they sung ad libs. They won’t tell you they asked me to help them with vocals. Ad libs. Harmonies. That I was supportive. But they never stayed in the lab with me. I did my own vocals. Vocally produced it myself. The producers will tell you that. It’s sad that we didn’t know that if one shined all shined. That’s why groups don’t last. That’s the real K y’all I’m done. I hope this sheds some light you deserved that. You have both sides. You’ll never know the full truth. But you now have to decide whether you want to continue to support us separately or wash you hands of it. Either way. I respect it.

@anthonytotah nah babe. I’m good on that. She leaked the story on my birthday. And knew she was doing that. Then wrote a 3 page essay about how I ain’t s–t. I’m done. That was enough for me to know the beat.

@jordanaette you have to know the business love. You on here just talking. It’s not adding up for you because you didn’t know the deals we signed. We were going to announce it. I only [wrote] two records on the album because the girls didn’t f–k with the other records I wrote. The other songs were other writers which means we have no access to them. You release that and you get used.

@yonceeeee I can’t love. I don’t have the authority to fix it. What I can do is put it all in my music.

@jordanaette No love. We didn’t write those songs. We had a production deal with the streotypes. They own the songs. We f-cked up their money

K y’all I’m done. I hope this shed some light you deserved that. You have both sides. You’ll never know the full truth. But you now have to decide whether you want to continue to support us separately or wash your hands of it. Either way. I respect it. Xo later

source: Necole Bitchie