In this week’s Xposing Your Health, we Xpose Nike Training Camp. Nike Training Camp is a FREE fitness app provided by the one and only Nike. NTC is targeted primarily to women and allows you to circuit train with Nike as your personal trainer anywhere you are. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, NTC will definitely give you the work out of your life.You can aim to Get Lean, Get Toned or Get Strong and all in the comfort of  your home.

I am a testament to NTC as it was a life saver for me. I gave birth to my son on February 10, 2014 and needed to get into a bikini for a Bachelorette trip in May…Yes i know it seemed impossible but NTC made the impossible possible. I was able to create a workout plan, which was awesome because I had a new baby and I was working full-time!! I was able to workout while my baby was asleep and within 2 months I was not back to my pre-baby weight but I felt great and confident even in my bikini!


With NTC, you customize your workout program to fit your schedule i.e.how many days you would like to work out, for how long and it sends you a reminder to get that @ss up! What’s even better is that with every workout completed you obtain reward points that eventually unlock new workouts. The points you gain, Xpose workouts from your favorite celebs like US Soccer Star Sydeny Leroux or even celebrity trainer, Jeannette Jenkins…singer Jessie J has a 15 minute leg and butt sculptor that I absolutely LOVE!!!!

YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! You do not need a gym membership. Download NTC today and get on track to a more fit you!


*I have not been paid by Nike, Inc or any of its affiliates in endorsing this product. Please consult your physician before attempting any strenuous activities

**Photo courtesy of Nike Training Club via Instagram