Ray J expresses his regret over making the notorious 2007 sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

Via BET.com:

In a new song, “Never Shoulda Did That,” Ray J apparently thinks bedding his former flame Kim Kardashian in that one video they made together was a mistake.

The music video for “Never Shoulda Did That” opens with a voicemail from a drunk, sobbing woman, who, according to TMZ is Ray’s girlfriend, Princess Love. “I miss you so much,” she cries.

Ray J then comes in on the track and laments a series of past behavior, like cheating, pill popping, fighting in clubs, and “f—ing b—-es on camera.” While he doesn’t go into much more detail (or address more recent alleged wildin’ out), he did conclude that he “shouldn’ta did that s–t.”

His verses end with a line about fornicating with no condom, “and now this b— is about to have my kid,” he sings.

The cut is a release from his latest drop, the Unkut 2 mixtape, which posted online Tuesday (July 29). The tape (the mixtape, not the sex tape) features Too $hort and shout-outs from Lil Wayne, Nas, Snoop, Common and Rick Ross.