The Rickey Smiley Morning Show interviewed Tiny Harris and it was a pretty good interview. It seems nothing was off the table as they discussed everything from what her new song is about to whether or not she and T.I. are headed for divorce court, and if she had sex with Floyd Mayweather! Check it out below.

On Floyd Mayweather’s Comment About Having Sex with Her:


No, actually, I went back to it because first of all, that is so untrue and I could just not imagine him saying, ‘Oh yeah, I did that …’ So I had to go back, put my earbuds on so I could really, really hear it. And when he says it, he says he thought, but when he said it, his head is kinda turned to the side…but if you look at his mouth, he’s saying, his mouth is moving, he’s saying, he thought. But he didn’t say that. That never happened, he’s never been in a room, with me by himself. Anytime he’s been around me, it’s been people like this…So, I couldn’t imagine him saying, ‘Yeah, I did that…’