Drake was pretty funny as the host of the ESPSYS last night (Wednesday). He opened his monologue with self-aware joke: “There are so many people here I respect. So many people I admire, that I would trade my life with,” he said. “I love all of you, … until you start losing. Then you’re dead to me.”

The Source Magazine reports:

Drake‘s opening monologue as the ESPYS host didn’t quite roll over well with everyone but then he came out and performed a series of original songs that surely got people talking.

The first one was called “Honorable Mention”, an ode to second place finishers. The song took a shot at Macklemore winning the Best Rap album Grammy with the lyrics.

“KD I know you hear me, I know you understand

Real talent doesn’t always win championships, like real music doesn’t always win Grammys but we’re okay

Honorable mention works for me and you”

A picture of Macklemore holding up his Grammy was shown on the projector. Drake’s (Nothing Was The Same) was also up for the award but lost along with Kanye West (Yeezus), Jay Z (Magna Carta Holy Grail), and Kendrick Lamar (Good Kid, M.A.A.D City).

He also called Lakers guard Nick Young and his rapper girlfriend Iggy Azalea a “a poor man’s Jay and Bey”.

He also joked on Michal Crabtree:

“Kaepernick I love to see you flex

It’s just a damn shame that Michael Crabtree can’t catch”

Obviously referring to the NFC Championship game where Richard Sherman tipped what would have been a game-winning catch for Crabtree and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Boom Box reports:

Taking shots at some of sports’ biggest news stories, he spent a good amount of the speech (and the show) to poke fun at Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman cockiness, Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder’s ESPN cover, Lebron James’ move back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. “You know what $40 million in Miami gets a nice house, $40 million in Cleveland gets you Cleveland,” Drake said.

Continuing the Lebron fodder, Drake also makes fun of Indiana Pacer Lance Stephenson’s blow into Lebron’s ear by return the favor via the ‘Lance Cam.’ The two then went to fellow Pacer Paul George to simultaneously blow into his ears, making for a hilarious yet very awkward moment.

After speculation over what Blake Griffin, Drake and Chris Brown had up their sleeves, viewers didn’t have to wait too long as they did a parody video that pinned the Los Angeles Clippers player and the rapper in a feud because of the naming of a film the two were supposed to star in. With all the pranks they did on each other, Breezy’s part in all of this finally became clear when he became Drake’s new oral surgeon after the rest of the dental staff left him alone with Blake.

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