Earlier this week we reported that Bobbi Kristina took shots at Angela Bassett for not choosing her to play her late mother Whitney Houston in a biopic Bassett is working on with Lifetime.

Bobbi Kristina took to her twitter and threw some serious shade at the actress saying:

“Ha! Ms. Ang “basket case” has such a damn nerve. My Lord, at the least the world doesn’t mistake me for the wrong sex. She has #XTRAequipment.”

“When I win my first Grammy or Oscar, *Shrugs* hmm whichever comes 1st, I’ll be sure 2 shout UR name out b**ch ! hah Ur Test Results= MALE. Lmao”

I guess Bobbi may have felt bad about her twitter rant. To make things somewhat right she took to twitter with a public apology:

Bobbi tweets:

“I’m a young women that can admit her wrongs. 4who was offended I apologize BUT understand me before your quick to judge though. ThankU”

“I will celebrate your life , I will celebrate you, I will carry you on, I will make you proud, I will love & cherish you mylady”

“No matter what, I will continue to stand my ground as a young women. One thing you CAN depend on is My mother taught me well”

She also addressed the situation with some of her twitter followers:


What do you think about her apology?