Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino Accuses His Co-Star Joseline Hernandez of cheating on her husband Stevie J…


Benzino took to his Instagram account, again, to expose Hernandez.

He first left a comment under one of the Puerto Rican princess’ pictures claiming she’s had sex with other guys while with Stevie. He wrote:

“you keep saying hoes but you f–cked dantoni’s man lex and had him playing bball at the new crib with sleaze you f–cked the weed man mark you was f–kin the promoter at room service you f—cked the trainer, you was hollering at KD and popular rapper I won’t name all while you was with stevie, but you don’t think that’s coming out huh? And you just started following tyson beckford your on coke all day and your music is trash.”

Benzino then noted Hernandez wasn’t at the BET Awards with her man and claimed Stevie called it quits.

“So the @baddestputa1 is still threatening #thi and still clowning me on #lhhatl but I noticed she was not at the awards with sleaze hmmmmm I wonder what happened, she SHITS ON EVERYBODY and tries to EXPOSE them WELL GUESS WHAT it’s her time to be EXPOSED stay tuned #lhhatl.”

Benzino told the world he noticed that Stevie erased all the pictures of them in LA.

“I noticed @hitmanstevieJ_1 erased all pics of him and @thebaddestputa in Cali #betawards weekend hmmmm I wonder what LIL MISS INNOCENT DID? #staytuned #lhhatl

No response from Joseline as of yet.