Floyd Mayweather’s ex-fiance that he recently put on blast, Shantel Jackson, confirms her rebound relationship with rapper, Nelly via Instagram.

She posted the below pic, with caption “NO CAPTION NEEDED”


Titled “Thanks To My Ex,” Nelly sings about how grateful his ex messed up and how grateful he is his new boo’s ex dropped her because now they are together. The hook adds to the speculation about him being with Shantel Jackson. On the hook, Nelly sings, “It’s his bad you found a new lover / It’s her fault I’m looking for another / It ain’t our problem, girl / One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Nelly has been posted memes on Instagram that say “Franks finished …! You coming with me now….!!!” (a famous line from “Scarface). A commenter wrote “Floyd is gonna kill you bro” and we pretty much agree. Especially since Nelly also released a diss track about the champion boxer.

Photo: Instagram/@missjackson