Estranged couple Eva Marcille Pigford and Kevin McCall got into a nasty exchange of words on Instagram, in which McCall called Eva “thirsty.” Why why!?

Centric TV reported:

Only three months ago she welcomed her daughter Marley with singer Kevin McCall. Now restraining orders and Instagram drama are par for the course.

Earlier this week, McCall posted a photo on Instagram of a pair of new shoes for his oldest daughter Jenesis with the caption “Yeah…..Jenny pooh gonna Loooove these #likefatherlikedaughter #timbs.” In the comment section Eva wrote, “Awe the shoes I got her.”

The model/actress apparently took the photo as him fronting as if he bought the shoes. McCall responded, “@evamarcille she says thaaaaaaaanks EBa #jenesis143.”

He added, “She doing anything to drag her little lie/scene outta the young and the restless out and get some blog attention. #thethirstisreal”

Less than two weeks ago Marcille was temporarily awarded full custody following a restraining order she filed at the end of March. He was denied any visitation until the hearing.

Marcille claims McCall went on a rampage, punching several doors in the house and attempted to snatch their daughter out of his arms. She also claims he threatened to punch her. He was ordered to stay 100 yards away from her.

Commenting on his Instagram picture is probably a violation of the protective order, which usually includes zero communication. We hope they can get to a place of being able to co-parent baby Marley.


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