El Lyon International Church members say Mase is a hypocritical pastor who is leading a double life. Church members say they’ve had enough and are now threatening to stop funding his church.

Mase’s congregation in Atlanta blasted Mase for abandoning his duties as a pastor and going back to the studio life. TMZ reports members of Mase’s church, El Elyon International Church, will be de-funding the church and not giving tithes.

Via XXL Magazine:

The church members believe that Mase spends just as much time hanging with “hardcore” rappers as he does at the church. They have also stated that his sermons in the pulpit are ridden with hypocrisy, due to his music which proclaims that exact opposite of what he preaches.

Mase’s congregation is also upset because their pastor has yet to explain his attempt to divorce his wife. They say he continues to preach on the value of marriage without even addressing his own situation.

Worshipers are now refusing to fund the church.


Do you agree with the members, or do you feel they are over-reacting?