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Fascinating, compelling, raw, are a just a few words to describe Latisha Robb’s debut title,“Turn On The Lights: So You Can See”. Latisha Robb’s revealing book tells a candid biographical story of a woman who didn’t let the struggles of life stop her from her drive to become successful.  We had the privilege of interviewing the talented, successful and so beautiful, Latisha Robb, earlier this week. Check it out below.

Turn on the Lights

In her prolific debut title, “Turn on The Lights”, readers get an up-close-and-personal look at Robb’s life struggles, homelessness,  and drama, all of which didn’t stand in the way of her determination to become successful. Latisha’s “Light Switches” help you turn the lights on in your own “house” and show you the way into your purpose and victory.

After reading this inspiring book, I found myself having a different outlook on my career and drive to become a better business woman. As Robb says “It’s up to us to use our vision or stay in darkness. I choose LIGHT!”. This book is a must-read for people who want to maximize their lives and not let the excuses of life’s drama keep them in the dark.

Latisha has even been endorsed by R&B Artist, J.Holiday along with Three6 Mafia’s Gangsta Boo and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Torica.

J.Holiday shares, “Being raised by a single mom, I had to read this book. And like my Mom’s story, this story is one of a survivor. One of a woman that just wouldn’t take no for an answer and wanted the best for her and her children. Turn on the lights!  No one likes walking around in the dark.  Definitely a self help handbook.  A must read.”


Check out our Q & A with Latisha Robb:

MissX: Tell us the story behind the story. What made you want to come out with our own book?

LR: I started writing this book initially as therapy for myself to just process what I was living. Unbelievable things were happening in my life. Going through so many hard times and coming out of them had me reflect and come up with what are now at the “Light Switches” in my book. It was put on my heart to make it a book and share it with the masses. I feel that so many people will be able to see themselves when they read this book, and refer to it more than once throughout their lives.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing “Turn On The Lights: So You Can See”

LR: The most challenging aspect of writing this book hands down was actually reliving the events that I speak about and having all of those emotions come right back to the surface. I suppressed a lot of memories and feelings yet as I wrote this they were right back in front of me. I’m so glad that I faced them now; I can process them correctly instead of just being swept under a rug.

You are so talented, hardworking and smart….What is your best piece of advice for success?

LR: My best piece of advice for success would be stay true to yourself and know that you only get out of anything what you put into it. If you don’t work hard don’t expect a large reward. If you do work hard, and righteous know that you will be blessed. I’m living proof!

What are you working on now?

LR: Currently, I am working on my New York media tour and setting up more interviews and speaking engagements.  Im also foot soldiering around town kissing babies and telling people about me and the book. The book is being reviewed by the B.O.O. K (Being One of a Kind) Society here in Atlanta, and I will be their guest author at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to the organic growth!

Will you consider writing another book in the future? If so, what would your second book be about?

LR: I absolutely would consider writing another book. In fact, I am currently penning it right now. It will be on a deeper subject matter having to do with spirituality. It will definitely be an eye opener similar to what Turn on the Lights is doing.

What is your life motto?

LR: My life motto is do unto others as you want done unto you. Even if others are not doing unto you what you want,  just know God sees all and the Universe always balances itself.

I’ve known Latisha Robb for a few years now, and she is such an inspiration to women. We love her!

For more information on Latisha Robb and her book, visit her Website: www.LatishaRobb.com

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