Self proclaimed groupie Sandrina Schultz got candid with The Break Room co-hosts Robert Littal and Jill Munroe and spoke about being a side chick/groupie. She spoke about her affairs with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and Lamar Odom, and she isn’t ashamed about it. Peep the interview below:

Everyone assumed that DWade got Sandrina pregnant when news broke out about his love child, but it wasn’t her.

On finding out Dwade was having a baby with another woman, other than Gabrielle Union or herself:

“With Dwyane, that was a shock,” she said during an interview with The Break Room. “I didn’t know he was having a baby. He didn’t tell me and we are friends. We’ve been friends close to 10 years now. It was really heartbreaking in the sense that we have discussed relationships and babies. Then you come out to find that he had a baby. That was a little bit too much for me to handle.” –

When did Dwade and Sandrina start messing around:

“We started when he was going through some trials and tribulations with his ex-wife. Now we’re just friends I do want to clarify that.”

“Gabrielle [Union], whatever. She… I don’t really have too much to say about her.” “I don’t feel sorry for anyone that’s married or a girlfriend to these athletes. We all know athletes do their thing. I haven’t met one athlete who didn’t have many girls on the side. When you choose this lifestyle, you just have to accept it.”

The model and author also insists that being called a groupie is nothing to be ashamed of:

“There are groupies out there that are bad ones, but then there’s the good groupies or the successful groupies. You know, Kim Kardashian, Khloe and all of them,” she explained. “But my take on the whole groupie thing is that I have a certain group of men that I’m interested in and thus far it’s been NBA players. I love these groups of men and I’m not going to stop because I’m labeled as a groupie.”

Watch the interview here…you can forward it to the 3:40 mark…