OH BOY, here we go again…Indiana Pacers Star Paul George allegedly offered Stripper $1 Million to have abortion after she gets pregnant.


Reports claimed George had an affair with Daniela and offered to pay her $1 million to abort the baby. She apparently turned the cash offer down as she showed off her bulge on social media. Daniela used to work at Tootsies in Miami. Check out her photos of high-heeled selfies here.

Fans have already reacted about the baby news on Twitter saying: “I cannot bring myself to believe the pregnant story about Paul George.”

“Paul George is a dog. He is dating Doc Rivers’ daughter but knocked up a stripper. Paul George has elevated to superstar level if he really did get the stripper pregnant. All the greats have children with randoms,” a fan pointed out in Twitter.

“Child support, here we come,” another user tweeted.

It appeared George and Daniela met on a Yacht party over the summer. Instagram user @gogetta posted a photo with the caption: “#TBT S/O to everyone who came to my #YachtPartyWeekend in June and Showed love. #Fontainebleau pregaming w/ these lovely ladies @miamy_v @_srbijanka @cynthia_j23 @caribabby @Alisonzollo @Antoinetteaudream + @mbrockers90 & @paul_george24 … Stay updated w/ #OsaGroup on South Beach, & contact us for your next major event.” Daniela’s username is @_srbijanka.

George has recently signed a $90 million contract extension with the Indiana Pacers and has been showing stellar performance this NBA season.

He averages a career high of 22.7 points now. The Indiana Pacers beat the Los Angeles Clippers twice this season so George could face Rivers next time in the NBA Finals. Austin Rivers, who also plays in the leave for New Orleans Pelicans, is Callie’s brother. Neither the Indiana Pacers nor Paul George has made a statement about this rumor.