Back in 1997, around the time Jay Z was releasing In My Lifetime, Vol. 1., Jay Z had an interview with Luther Campbell (when he was 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke), and ummm….things got a little freaky! It’s crazy what things people can dig up. A visibly uncomfortable young Jay Z discusses his music and answers questions…while two women have oral sex beside him. LOL. Check out the scoop below.

Video (NSFW – must be over 18) – Click Here


“Distract your subject with hardcore lesbian sex happening right next to him” doesn’t seem like a viable interview strategy, but then 2 Live Crew mastermind Luther Campbell is no ordinary interviewer. The, uh, chat above happened in 1997, around the time of the release of Jay’s second album, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1. The rapper/mogul pair attempt to discuss Jay Z’s music, but that proves impossible, which is the point, I guess? If everyone had two women hooking up next to them, no one would get any work done.

This is a completely bizarre relic of the past. As Consequence of Sound points out:

It also says a lot about how far we’ve come in just 15 years: many argue that hip-hop is still hypersexualized, but if a rapper like Kendrick Lamar or ASAP Rocky appeared in something like this today, the blowback would be intense and their career probably derailed.



You’ve been NSFWarned. What you think of the video?