Kenya Moore delivered her thoughts on Apollo Nida’s recent trouble with the law.

“Losers never win. I have always seen through ppl and I was the first to tell you last season about these ppl and who they really are. #dirty,” she tweeted over the weekend. “I said it all on @ArsenioHall. #youcantbethatdumb #inonit #angelastanton #neverlieonmeagain #evil #fake #whoscrazynow.”

The shade was thrown at both Apollo and co-star Phaedra Parks, as Kenya is still bitter over accusations that she tried to get with Phaedra’s man.

In Kenya’s opinion, this nothing but a heaping helping of karma for Phaedra.

“She used a national platform 2 spread disgusting lies about me. She knew what she was doing and last season 2,” Kenya stated. “Thank god ppl see the truth of who all these people are and their transparent reasons of defense #nobodybelievesu #urnotastardealwithit

Cynthia Bailey said her husband Peter Thomas has caught up with Apollo. “I don’t like to call people when I hear bad news,” Cynthia said. “I think Peter did speak to Apollo earlier today and he said they were taking care of things. Hopefully everything will work out. “