Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Vivian on the ’90s sitcom before being replaced reveals painful illness. She’s suing the American Federation of Television. Get the scoop here!
Via Centric TV:

Actress Janet Hubert, best known for her role as Aunt Viv on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” has come forward with several health issues that are keeping her from working as revealed in a lawsuit filed last year.

According to Radar Online, the 58-year-old star has filed a lawsuit against the American Federation of Television and Radio Acts (AFTRA) and their Health Fund, claiming that her insurer is refusing to cover her treatments for “intense spasms” and “strange chattering.”

Hubert says her ailments go back as far as 2004 when she first was treated by a chiropractor for “military neck,” a rare condition involving the loss of spinal curvature. She also developed an intense case of vertigo that left her unable to drive. Both issues were covered by the H&R fund, an employee benefit plan under the AFTRA.

The lawsuit also claims she underwent surgery and treatment with a dry needle trigger point specialist to fix a strange “chatter” in her jaw that caused intense pain. This is when Hubert says she lost the ability to work.

While the trigger point injections “helped reduce the pain and other symptoms tremendously,” Hubert says H&R sent her a letter in 2011 stating that they never meant to pay for any of the injections and her usage was “excessive in terms of frequency and duration.”

H&R said only four injections per year were “medically necessary”; Hubert had received 42 since 2010. They granted her sixteen treatments per year, but said the rest needed to be paid out of pocket.

Hubert has reportedly filed several appeals, stating that she “has been unable to afford continuous treatments” and as a result “has been unable to accept numerous jobs. She has been forced to go on disability.”

“There is a lot going on, health-wise,” the actress told Radar. “I have had a lot of issues over the years, but I’d like my benefits back. That’s all. They’ve sort of denied me some very, very important medical things that I need to feel good.”

Hubert is asking to be awarded her unpaid benefits, attorney fees and costs, “relief” for her past treatments and an order directing H&R to pay for the treatments in the future.