You recall that we brought to you Angela Stanton’s story back in 2012, where she exposed her former friends Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks. The story she “exposed” about participating in a elaborate fraud scheme isn’t so far fetched considering Apollo Nida’s recent arrest for the exact same thing. Well, Angela Stanton is speaking out again. See her statement below.

Within the last two years Stanton wrote a tell all book, Lies of a Real Housewife. In the book she details how Parks was the mastermind behind the entire criminal operation that Stanton, Nida and his brother would eventually serve years in prison. In a three part video interview with VIBE, she details exactly how they executed the crimes and how Phaedra completely turned her back on her. Parks sued Stanton for $30 million dollars to keep the book from ever seeing the light of day, although it’s still available for purchase. Source: Centric TV

In an official statement Stanton wrote:

“In 2012, I released my personal memoir, Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. In the book, I detailed the struggles I faced as a young woman drawn to the temptations of crime and the false glamour it affords. I alone am responsible for the mistakes I made as a young woman. Yet, I have felt a certain sense of anger toward the people who used me during that period of my life. Certain individuals found me at a time when I was vulnerable and searching for friendship, and used those traits to lure me into doing their bidding.

I read with sadness the news that Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, was arrested for alleged schemes that are remarkably similar to those that lured me years ago. I was troubled to learn that the alleged crimes involved the use of a vulnerable woman to carry out the schemes. The story is all too familiar to me. I sincerely hope that Ms. Parks has not been part of his alleged crimes. I hope that she, like I, learned from her mistakes.

Although tragic, the news of Apollo’s arrest has been vindicating for me. Since I published my book, Phaedra Parks has used her wealth and influence in an attempt to silence me. She filed lawsuits against my publisher, and threatened them with years of expensive litigation if they did not cease publication of my book. As a result, I lost nearly all the royalties I was owed. Ms. Parks used her influence in the media to discredit my story and smear my name, casting me as a delusional liar on the pages of popular blogs. After going to prison and losing everything, my story was all I had left, and she took that from me.”