Former NBA star Allen Iverson is to claim nearly half a million in royalties from Reebok from sneaker sales. But his ex wife is going after a court order to get half of it.

Via Centric TV:

Allen Iverson’s ex-wife wants a slice of his $450,000 payday from Reebok. And she’s going after it in court.

Per TMZ, Tawanna Iverson claims the former NBA star has “flagrantly, repeatedly and willfully” violated certain terms of their divorce. So as a result she’s asking for half of his Reebok check.

AI is slated to receive a $450,000 check from Reebok for the recent sales of his sneaker with the brand. Tawanna Iverson says she’ll never see a dime of the money once the check is handed over to her ex.

She’s asking a judge to pay her $225,000 or “further restrain” him from using the money, and require him to deposit the check with the court immediately upon receipt.

Tawanna and Allen have five kids together. AI is reportedly $1 million in debt after losing the $200 million he earned during his NBA career.