Bishop Noel Jones made his first appearance at ‘The City of Refuge’ since his release from the hospital. reports:

Bishop Noel Jones has been released from the hospital citing back and heart problems. His doctor told him to take it light but Jones insisted on preaching this past Sunday. Jones is said to be under immense pressure from the black church community about the show Preachers of LA. The concept has not set too well with black churchgoers who feel the show is revealing TOO much about what goes on behind the scenes. Sources state the Bishop is under immense pressure about the show Preachers of LA and the portrait the show paints.

Bishop told his congregation he needed to come speak to them face to face concerning all the media attention around Preachers of LA. He asked that the LIVE stream from the service be cut so that he could have a personal moment with his congregation.

Bishop made it clear he was not going to lose any of his friends over their public or private opinions of the show.

Bishop has explained he was in the exotic car business and the Porsche is old and has kept it because of its sentimental value.

He went on to give some clear explanations to his faithful congregation.
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