The Breakfast Club got a chance to sit down with Peter Gunz to further address all the rumors spread on the internet about his dirty foot self. Check out the things we learned about Gunz.

Peter Gunz has seven kids, with five baby mothers. He has a family in New Orleans with his former fiance, an attorney. “I have a family in New Orleans man. I have two kids in New Orleans with a beautiful woman. This was a real situation. I was engaged to her, had two kids, two daughters and she’s an attorney. She’s doing very well for herself. We have a good relationship”, Gunz said.

Gunz married Amina because he was in love. Really. “Listen, I’m not gonna marry someone I don’t love. I would never get married to a person I didn’t love. Definitely not for no green card. It was out of love.”

Gunz he swears he pays his bills.”I’m not well off, I’m not behind in rent. I take care of rent, I take care of my kids, no child support cases.”

See full interview below.