Kanye West revealed his music video for “Bound 2” last week featuring his fiancé Kim Kardashian, and it has already been spoofed! LOL! This is friggin’ hilarious! See below.

Via US Magazine:

Hopefully Kimye will be flattered! James Franco and Seth Rogen have spoofed Kanye West’s raunchy “Bound 2” music video featuring his fiancee Kim Kardashian. The costars reenacted the now-infamous video and shared the final product, entitled “Bound 3,” on Facebook Monday, Nov. 25.

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“Hey @KimKardashian & @kanyewest check out what me and @JamesFrancoTV did on the set of @TheInterview. #Bound3,” Rogen, 31, tweeted at the A-list couple. Franco, 35, also tweeted, “#bound3 #sethrogen #love — a little video Seth and I made in our down time.”

The video opens with the following message: “While on the set of their movie, The Interview, James Franco & Seth Rogen felt inspired to recreate their favorite new video. Shot. For. Shot.”

The boys really did reenact the 36-year-old rapper’s video to a tee. While Franco drives a motorcycle down a desert highway, Rogen goes shirtless — showing off his hairy chest — and straddles him. The good pals and frequent costars even make out and simulate having sex on the bike.

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