For those who watched the RHOA supertrailer and previews of the upcoming season, I am sure you questioned what in the heck went down during that huge altercation involving Apollo, Kenya’s friend Brandon, and Kandi who was all the way turned up. “I will f&*ckin’ drag you in this [email protected]#,” Kandi screams in the teaser. Well Kandi gives us an idea of what went down.

Via S2S Magazine:

There’s little doubt that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans have questions about the tumultuous altercation seen at the end of the season 6 super trailer.

There’s not much factual information to glean from the scene, but it’s clear that emotions have escalated, things have become physical and Kandi Burruss is angrier than most “RHOA” fans have ever seen her.

“There were multiple fights that night. It was already a heated situation,” she told, taking responsibility for her role in the melee. “I’m not good with people in my space. I give you a warning and then it just goes to the next level.”

Before the super trailer was released, there had already been rumors that Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, and Kenya Moore’s friend, Brandon DeShay, engaged in fisticuffs. However, the teaser showed Apollo, Peter Thomas, Todd Tucker, Kandi and singer Christopher Williams all getting involved.

“I will f_ckin’ drag you in this [email protected]#,” a tussled Kandi screams in the teaser.

“You gotta keep watching,” she said, clarifying that Christopher wasn’t the aggressor as some might have concluded.

“He did not try to fight me. The way that clip looked, I can see why people thought that. He was really trying to break a situation up. That was a bad shot,” she said. “I know people tried to relate it to something else, but he and I did not have a physical problem or nothing.”