The mother of the NBA superstar, Lebron James, is dating a Miami rapper who’s only three years older than her son…But we all know she likes em’ young. The 31 year old rapper name is Lambo. Never heard of him? Neither have I. Check out the scoop below.

XXL Magazine reports:

LeBron James’ mom, Gloria James, is proud to share her love life to the world. More specifically, it’s her boyfriend, who is an upcoming rapper out of Miami, that’s been enjoying everything.

The 31-year-old has posted on Instagram a number of photos that show they are a couple. He is seen with Gloria, LeBron, Dwayne Wade and a few other family members. There is even a photo of Lambo wearing his potential stepson’s champion ring. Must be nice to have a star basketball player to hang out with.

Check out the photos from his Instagram, as well as his new video for “Attitude.”






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