“Basketball Wives” Season 5 premiered last night on VH1 with Evelyn Lozada facing the media for the first time to address the alleged domestic altercation with her now ex-husband, Chad Johnson. The first episode of the season really was all about Ev….Check out the highlights…


Vh1 Blog: BBW Episode 1 Recap:

In a truly heartbreaking moment on the premiere episode of Basketball Wives, she explains that Anthony, who walked her down the aisle at her wedding to Chad, had a conversation with Chad on their wedding day, telling him to take care of Evelyn. “After everything happened,” she says, “I’m like, wow, he did the total opposite.”

Nearly a month after the incident occurred, Evelyn decided it was time to take the situation into her own hands and speak to the media. Call it damage control or just the desire to contain the situation, but it’s not something she wanted to relive so early on and she dreads these interviews. “There was this perception about Evelyn, all she does is argue and fight,” she explains, but because of that reputation, people started blaming her for what had happened, which is not something any victim of domestic abuse should endure. To add the the snowball effect of one awful thing after another, Chad has remained silent throughout, and the only time he did speak about the situation, he made comments that Evelyn says “made me look worse than I already had.”

The conversation turns to Chad, and Ev’s mom, Sylvia, asks “What the hell happened to him?” and Evelyn responds “He likes ass.”

Turns out Chad send Sylvia a text apologizing for his behavior, but Sylvia’s not having it. She reads Ev his apology and the response that she wrote back to him, and Evelyn is upset that he’s still tweaking his version of the story. “This is supposed to be my husband, he’s supposed to protect me, and still to this day, he hasn’t said s—, he hasn’t said ‘My wife had nothing to do with this,’” she says. “That’s crazy to me.”

After months of dealing with the pain, Evelyn opens up about her marriage with Chad, his cheating, and the violent incident that changed her life.

Evelyn talks to her mother about her recent interviews and her mom tells Evelyn about the text messages she received from Chad.

While in LA, Tami and Shaunie meet up and discuss the personal changes they have made in their lives, Tami becomes emotional about her mother.

Evelyn talks to her daughter, Shaniece, about how she has been coping and Shaniece tells Evelyn that she never really liked Chad.

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