VH1’s Catherine Reitman meets with former “Saved By the Bell” star and the very eccentric Lark Voorhies to discuss her passion for painting and her acting career. Boy has she turned WEIRD!

On an upcoming episode of VH1’s “Miss U Much,” Voorhies opened up about her love of painting, which she’s been doing for three years. Sneak peek below.

Each week, “Miss U Much” will profile three of your favorite celebrities and take a peek inside at what they are doing now with their lives. Miss U Much premieres Friday, July 19th + 10/9c on VH1!

“Miss U Much,” a series that takes a look at where stars of the past few decades are now, is hosted by actress Catherine Reitman.

“Miss U Much” premieres on Fri., July 19 at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.