Ok! I happen to like Ciara’s new album…but she got clowned on bad when her album was placed on sale on GROUPON! LOL! Poor thang! The Groupon deal features the self-titled album along with a greatest hits album, all for the discounted price of $13.99. YIKES!.

She needs to fire her PR! She was the laughing stock on twitter!

See how Twitter reacted to her Groupon deal.

Hold up Ciara album is on groupon? Lmao

Cop that Ciara album for $3.75 lol RT @lilduval: Being on groupon ain’t bad it just sounds funny.

Did I mention Ciara’s new album comes with a bundle with her greatest hits CD? It’s on Groupon guys.

Awww Ciara is selling her album is on Groupon? Not sure whether to laugh or feel bad…