Adrienne Bailon, one of the four hosts of the new daytime talk show “The Real” is fed up with blogs claiming she has had plastic surgery done to her face. She wanted to prove them wrong. Watch what she did below.

[The blogs/gossip mags] say I’ve had my nose done. I have cheek-bone implants, I have lip implants. Guys, its called a good make up artist and good contour. And I’m gonna prove that right now.

Bailon began to remove the dark shading lines that created a thinner look for her nose. Then, she revealed, “It is the same nose y’all saw in the the Cheetah Girls.”

The Real will premiere Monday July 15th on FOX.

“I just need to set this free,” said Adrienne to the audience. “This has been weighing real heavy on me. I can’t stand all the blogs and the gossip magazines saying that I’ve had plastic surgery. They say I’ve had my nose done, I’ve had cheekbone implants, lip implants. It’s called a good makeup artist and contour, and I’m going to prove it right now. Same nose! I’m removing my two dark lines that have been placed on the sides of my nose, that’s called a contour. It’s the same nose from The Cheetah Girls, they just didn’t have that much makeup on, trying to do us wrong. It’s not plastic surgery. Just because somebody’s cute doesn’t mean it’s plastic surgery.”